A small group of people in Salisbury are in the early stages of forming a branch of Compass in the city.  So what is it?  And what does it propose to do?  If you want to see our latest posts go to the ‘archive’ page to the right.

Salisbury Democracy Alliance is a local organisation which provides a forum for those who want to  build and be part of a Good Society – one that is truly equal, sustainable and democratic.  We are unique because we believe that no single issue, party or movement can bring about this change.  We have to work together to make it happen.

What unites us at present is that politics as it is currently run is unsatisfactory.  Many are disfranchised.  The inequality in society is grave and getting worse.  Homelessness is a scandal and little is being done to tackle it.  Taxation is a mess with the poorest half of society paying the most and some corporations paying little or nothing at all.  We want to change this but, we are not a political party.

So if you have an interest in building a better world you may be interested in joining us on 26th and you would be very welcome.

We will in future be linking with other organisations including Salisbury streetlife