Note of a meeting on Saturday 17 December 2016

We met in the Market Inn in Salisbury and despite the noise, had an interesting session.  It divided into two halves really: the first half about group business and the second half, a brief presentation followed by a discussion on the subject of tax by group member Brian.   This is the subject of a second blog post.

  • An application to set up a bank account has been sent in.  We could not use the Credit Union as it dealt with individuals
  • the Website has been changed to a different format as the previous one would not show the latest post first despite changes to the page layout in the background.  It is a free site and hence a little basic.  Perhaps when we have more funds we can invest in a more sophisticated site.  Over 370 views have been recorded so far
  • we now have a Twitter page @salisburycompass and that can be used for short messages.  (For those unfamiliar with this platform there is a 140 character limit)
  • We discussed the launch update (see separate blog for the plan).  There was a discussion about a ‘big name’ speaker but it was felt that might detract from the event and deflect interest from the other speakers and the purpose of the launch itself.  Better, it was agreed, to have such a speaker to a subsequent event in the future.  Use of the Quaker meeting room was not now possible because of yoga classes so other venues are to be investigated
  • Two speakers are confirmed: Prof Graham Smith and Neil Lawson from Compass HQ
  • Compass have agreed to contribute up to £200 to the launch and a retiring collection should enable us to cover our costs
  • the Democracy Café idea was discussed which will come into being after the launch and will probably take place in the Arts Centre
  • One piece of work which needs to be done is to agree rules or protocols.  We are an unincorporated group and the advice is that it’s important to agree how decision are taken; how the money is to be managed and the rules for admission of members.  This is work to be done
  • there was discussion about Frome and the group there action on which will be held over for the New Year

DoNM: 11:00am Saturday 21 January 2017 at a place to be agreed