Notes of the meeting held at the Market Inn, Salisbury on 21 January 2017

A lively meeting and the following points were discussed:

  • The bank account is nearly set up and a mandate was signed for the next stage Andrew to progress
  • It was agreed that Dickie would be the acting chair as we needed a figure-head for the launch.
  • the need for a brief statement setting out who we were, our objectives, governance issues and so forth was agreed.  Agreed: Peter to do a draft for the February meeting

The Launch: 2 March

  • a lot of time was devoted to the launch arrangement which are progressing well.  The poster-croppedmain points were:
    • a press release has been issued to the Valley News for their February issue.  Other press releases will go out next month
    • Dickie mentioned the group and the launch at Salisbury for Europe and at the Labour Party meetings.  The LibDems and Greens have also been approached
    • It was agreed to let John Glen MP know of the launch.  Paul
    • The involvement of the RSA was discussed and they have been approached nationally and locally
    • We are on the national Compass website and they have agreed to distribute leaflets to members in the local area
    • We need to find a projector and various sources were suggested.
  • A stall in the Buttermarket (by the Library) was discussed and will take place on Tuesday 14 February from 10:00 – noon.  Paul has agreed to make a banner.  Peter will look at the cost of a banner.
  • Social media.  Peter said:
    • web site was working well.  It was good that several people were putting up pieces and commenting on them as well.  There were 56 views of the site so far this month the vast bulk from the UK
    • he would issue some notes on how to do a post and get photos onto the page
    • He was having problems with Twitter and although there was a twitter site, getting tweets up was proving difficult
    • he will try and launch a Facebook page soon.
  • Lesley did a presentation on UBI and that will be posted up separately
  • Date of Next Meeting: Saturday 18 February at 10:00 at the Market Inn.  All welcome.  This is the last meeting before the launch