Notes of the meeting held on Saturday 18 February 2017

The meeting was held upstairs in the Market Inn in the market place in Salisbury.  [If you are not a member of Compass you would nevertheless be welcome to join us – these meetings are not formal.  The next one is on 25 March].

  • it was confirmed that the bank account has now been set up.  We just need some money to put in it!
  • Publicity.  There was an article in the Valley News and DB will be sending out press notices to Salisbury Journal; BBC Wiltshire Sound and Sarum Radio.  A query was raised about ‘Streetlife’ which has now been sold
  • the street action we did last Saturday was discussed.  There was some interest and a few took away some leaflets.  A lot of indifference of course.
  • Launch.  Most arrangements have been made.  There will be a projector and the venue has a screen.  Speakers are engaged.  A handout has been done in draft by PC & DB and this will be turned into a Publisher format and 50 copies prepared.
  • Outcomes.  There was some discussion about what the ultimate purpose of Compass was – a question sure to be asked in some form at the launch.  It was hoped the speaker from Compass HQ would address this in some form.
  • Media stats.  PC said the web site numbers were encouraging.  The figures were: Oct; 98 – Nov; 161 – Dec: 196 – Jan; 218 – Feb (to date) 191.  This was a rising trend.  86% were from the UK.  Views per visit was on a rising trend as well: Oct: 2.58.  Currently they are 4.66.  Although there was more material to look at it showed that people were looking around the site not clicking away.  PC reminded those doing posts to the site not to forget to add in tags.  [if you are adding 2 or more words, put a comma after the last word to add the whole phrase]
  • The question was raised about what to do to maintain interest after the launch and having an event around tax freedom day  was suggested.  The universal view is that tax is a burden and that people would be automatically better off if their taxes were reduced.  The benefits of tax were almost never discussed and in some ways is regarded as almost an absurd notion.  All politicians claim that they will reduce tax (to loud applause).  Some people say they wouldn’t mind paying more if they knew it went to the NHS (or some other worthy cause close to their hearts).  There are problems with hypothecated taxes however.  What about things we need which are less visible and not close to anyone’s heart, but nevertheless, are essential to our wellbeing?  It was suggested that we could promote a more mature and nuanced discussion about tax.  It would certainly evince great interest.  The idea will be discussed at the next meeting.
  • Next meeting – 25 March at which Perry Walker of Talk Shop will be invited.  Market Inn, 11:00.