Who would have thought it a month ago but if the polls are to be believed, there is a chance of a progressive alliance forming the next Government. What an incredible turnaround that would be. It seems that the Tory message of more austerity and hard BREXIT is not proving as popular as their leaders thought. The staggering incompetence of May and her team has been exposed during the election campaign and the public mood has discernibly changed towards a more progressive politics. Whatever the final result, this campaign has been a triumph for progressives with, as Steve Richards writing in the Guardian reports, even the Tories moving left on issues such as tax, spending and regulation of the market.

Yet, as we know polls have got it wrong before and there are some suggestions that they consistently under report Tory voters who do not reveal publically their voting intentions because they feel ashamed to do so. If these closet Tories do come out and vote then the Tory majority may still be substantial and that would lead to five more years of economic turmoil, social hardship and rising inequality.