This is a brief report of the meeting held today at the Yard Café in West St. Salisbury.

The main item of business was a report prepared by Trevor Cherrett on housing with a focus on Wiltshire.  This was a substantive item so I will prepare a separate report soon.

Other items included:

  • Treasurer’s report which was that we had £127 in the bank account with no creditors
  • We briefly discussed fundraising and we will approach St Thomas’s again to see if they will allow us to host a coffee morning in the church itself.  The idea of a ‘Walk for Compass’ was suggested and DB will give some thought to this. There will be a stall in the market
  • Talk.  DB is to speak to Salisbury for Europe in September on 18th at the Cloisters in Brown St.
  • The first ever Democracy Café will be held on Saturday 16th September in the Arts Centre starting at 10:00 am.  All welcome.  If successful we hope this will become a regular fixture.
  • Citizenship.  DB has made contact with the organiser and awaits developments
  • I love tax day.  This will take place in the Cheese Market on Tuesday 25th July starting at 10:00.  If you are free – even for an hour – you would be welcome.  The idea is to develop a more sensible attitude to tax and to get away from the simplistic notion that less tax makes you better off.  This is the second time we will have done this and the first occasion was immediately after the Manchester bombing so we were a little nervous as to timing.
  • A subgroup met to discuss the idea of a Progressive Alliance in Salisbury.  After the much improved performance by the Labour party after the last election, it was likely that there would not be much appetite for this idea from them.  The Lib Dems are probably feeling too bruised after their results so the idea is not likely to get far.  However, the group felt that progress could be made on a specific policy issue where there could be common ground.  Housing could be one such.
  • Web site view statistics are: May; 177, June; 345 and July (to date) 120.  Most popular posts are:
    • May: ‘Broken politics’
    • June: ‘Has the Ground Shifted?’
    • July: ‘Econocracy’
    • As ever we need content so if members want to submit pieces or you can get a password and enter your own
  • Date of next meeting – 2 September at the Yard Café starting at 11:00.  We aim to finish by 13:00.

The Yard Café is down Fisherton St and then into Dews Road (by the florists), Down to the end by the church and then is on the left in West Street.