Brief report of the monthly Compass meeting

Most of the meeting was devoted to a talk by Tom Burgess author of From Here to Prosperity and a separate report of that will appear soon.

1  There was a discussion about our purpose and how we are perceived.  The word ‘Compass’ is not self-explanatory (except for the navigational device that is) and so we need to try and make clear to people who we are and what we stand for.

A second related fact is the need to be ready for an election which could happen at any time.  It had previously been suggested we needed to have some principal ideas to hand ready for this event.  As part of this it was agreed to think about a leaflet and to embody in it, what our main themes are.  This will be discussed more fully at the next meeting.

The idea of a ‘Democracy Event’ was mooted.  The idea would be to have stalls and speakers on the theme of democracy.  Where would the funding come from however?

2  Fundraising was discussed and the idea of a ‘Walk for Compass’ was agreed in principle.  We would try and devise a walk which went from north, south, east and west.

Contacting the U3A groups was also suggested although there were doubts about the demographic.

3  Trying to form an alliance with other parties in the City was discussed to see what degree of alignment could be achieved.  The basic question was ‘what could a progressive alliance achieve?’

4  There was a brief report on Web and Facebook statistics.  For 2017 we had just under 5,ooo visits for our first full year.  The view per visit figure was encouraging and was always over 4 per month.  This showed that people were reading more than one item when then landed on the site.  There were only 12 followers so far.

Date of the next meeting: 17 February at 11:00 and most probably at the Yard Café off Dews Road.

The next Democracy café will be on Saturday 10 February at 10:00 in the Playhouse.  See the last meeting for an idea of what was discussed.

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