Notes of the Compass meeting at the Yard Café on February 17 2018
  • the Treasurer reported that we now had £134 in the bank with some more funds to pay in
  • Dickie reported that the café was now on the Socrates Café Web site  (you may need to scroll to near the bottom of the site)
  • an email calling on people to help forge a progressive alliance in Salisbury was sent out by Compass HQ to about 2,000 local members. So far there has been no response, although a big spike in our Webpage was noted. An email on similar lines was also sent out to Salisbury Compass members, with only one response. If anyone is interested in the idea of a progressive alliance please contact Dickie on or leave a comment
  • A member of the Democracy Café had contacted John Glen MP with a copy of a recent post, suggesting that what was discussed at the café were matters he was expected to act on.  Dickie has contacted Mr Glen to explain that the café was not a pressure group and although he was welcome to attend as a member of the public so to speak, it was not a forum for politicians to address
  • there was a discussion on proportional representation and it was suggested a way forward was for a paper to be produced explaining what it meant, what forms there were, the advantages and disadvantages, and how it could be progressed locally
  • Peter said the Website was progressing well and the numbers were increasing satisfactorily.  We had 410 views in December; 589 in January and 565 so far in February (17th).  The number of page views was also encouraging and showed that people were reading several posts when they visited.  So far in February it was 6.14/visit although generally it was just over 4.  We have 14 followers
  • we discussed the general issue of what Compass stood for and it was agreed that we should have a standing item on our Webpage which explained some of our ideas.  These would be:
  • the stall is on April 26 so please would supporters start collecting jumble (no electrical items please and only quality books)
  • Next meeting: 17 March 2018 at 11:00 am at the Yard Café


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