Note of the meeting on Saturday 17 March 2018

A small but select group met on Saturday 17 March and these are some brief notes of what was said.

  • The Treasurer reported that we had £178 in funds plus a small amount of petty cash
  • the brief description of our aims statement has not yet been prepared.  Action: PC
  • there will be a fundraising stall on Saturday 28 April starting early – 8’ish.  This is a call for supporters to bring anything which can be sold.  This can include china and housewares; good quality books (hardbacks in the main); clothes; plants; CDs and DVDs please.  We cannot sell electrical items and regrettably, many paperbacks do not sell.  If you have any items please would you bring them along to the market square as early as you can on the day.  Thank you.  Alternatively, if you are not in Salisbury that day, drop them off to one of us
  • there was a discussion about a banner and a firm in Fordingbridge was suggested
  • the EqualiTeas event was discussed and this was planned to be on Sunday 10 June at the Secret Garden in Salisbury.  It is to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Representation of the People (Equal Franchise) Act 1928, which gave women equal voting rights with men so that everyone, men and women, over the age of 21 could vote.  It will tie in with the Celebration of Human Rights event being planned by the local Amnesty group which will run for a week from the 10th.  Amnesty can promote it in their programme as a fringe event to help it be a success.
  • The issue arising out of caucusing at the City Council is a topic we may discuss at a future meeting.  Dickie will investigate
  • Statistics.  February was an exceptional month and may well have been a record.  There were 879 views and the most popular posts that we can identify were: Democracy Café 15 Jan 2018; Salisbury Compass Group Oct 29 2016; and a meeting note 17 February 2018.  The bulk of visits were from the UK (598) with Canada second and the USA third.  The views per visit was also high at 5.98 and this shows that people are reading more than one item before leaving.  We have now had 7 051 hits since we formed.  On Facebook, there were 78 page’s post which entered our screen. Posts include statuses, photos, links, videos and more.
  • Dickie noted that a Democracy Café was being set up in Oxford
  • the next meeting is on 21 April and it may include a presentation on how the economy works — to be confirmed
  • the next Democracy café is on 14 April at the Playhouse.

Peter Curbishley