Meeting to discuss this on Tuesday

On Tuesday 31st July – next week – there will be an opportunity to discuss the idea of a Citizen’s Assembly.  It will be held in the Friend’s Meeting House in Wilton Road starting at 5:30 pm.  It is scheduled to last 2 hours.  It was discussed at our last Compass meeting on 21 July.

Many are dissatisfied by the current state of decision making with our political process.  Only recently, the National Audit Office issued a damning report on Universal Credit which has taken years to establish and is failing many thousands of individuals.  The NAO report found universal credit may cost more than the social security system it replaces – and warned there was no way of measuring whether it will meet its economic aim of getting 200,000 more people into work.  So despite the huge cost of setting it up there seems to be no way to measure its effectiveness, surely a key failing in devising policy.

It is free to come.