Note of the Compass meeting held at the Yard Café on 15 September 2018
  • Funds now stood at nearly £700
  • The main item of discussion was the idea of a Citizen’s Jury.  The question was how to get the idea launched.  It was agreed that for various reasons, launching it in partnership with the City Council was unlikely to be successful.  More fruitful would be to work with Wiltshire Council and it was agreed that we would make contact with the appropriate person at WC to explore if they were keen in principle and if so, what sort of topic they would look at favourably.
    • Dickie has invited Prof. Graham Smith to a meeting to discuss this but it was agreed that if we have had a meeting with WC first this would help focus our discussion with him
    • Dickie has received a positive response from the RSA and Peter will peruse the application form to see what needs to be done
  • There was also a discussion about the Sortition Foundation and their possible involvement
  • We discussed what happens if WC express no interest in the proposal and it was agreed we would proceed in some form anyway.

Some records were broken this month: July saw the second highest number of views at 850 and we passed the 10 thousand mark of all time views which now stands at 10,387 [accessed 13 September].  We have 26 followers, a small increase.

The most popular item in July concerned the opening of the first Democracy café in Oxford and in August it was the report on the Democracy café.

The views per visit are still encouraging with 5.86 in July and 4.59 in August.  This shows people are reading several posts not quickly passing on.

On Facebook, we had a reach of 20 in August and 43 in July.