The next meeting of the Democracy café is this Saturday, 10th November at 10 am as usual at the Playhouse.  It is free but a small voluntary contribution to our funds is always appreciated.

With Brexit approaching (another) critical moment, the results of the mid-term elections in USA known by the time we meet and last weeks Budget statement, there should be no shortage of topics to discuss.  Today it was announced that there has been a big increase in child referrals.  Is this a result of austerity or is it happening anyway?

Aaron Banks was interviewed on the Andrew Marr show on Sunday.  Should he have been?  Huge outcry from some sections of the media saying he shouldn’t have been.

Outrage about a group of men setting fire to a mock-up of Grenfell tower.  Peter Tatchell argues that there is no right not to offend.  It was tasteless and unfunny but should there be a prosecution?

Lots to discuss!