The Guardian newspaper devoted the whole of one page on 9 January to a review of where we are now with the – well you know what debate – and introduced the subject of a citizen’s assembly as a way to improve what is describes as our ‘decrepit’ political system.  Since reading the Guardian is a minority sport in Salisbury in contrast to the mountainous and toppling piles of Telegraphs and Daily Mails, I thought readers might be interested in a link to read about it for themselves.  The particular quote is:

MPs should then open up the debate to the country: first, by establishing a citizens’ assembly to examine the options and issues that face the nation; and second, by giving parliament the right, if it so chooses, to put these alternatives in a referendum this year or next  Guardian 9 January 2018

It argues that we need to ‘open up to new forms of power and politics – better distributed , more diverse, more strongly integrated and more modern’.  This is another link to a piece explaining what they are.